Justex Systems, Inc. is a consulting firm serving public safety agencies since 1981. Justex Systems was created to provide client centered research, analysis, evaluation, training, and consulting services. Justex enjoys a strong national reputation as researchers and practitioners in the public safety field, with over 120 combined years of staff experience. In its consulting approach, Justex is able to relate to "real-world" client needs and offer creative and innovative state-of-the-art insights.


Since its inception, Justex has specialized in police promotion testing, criminal justice education and training, and personnel and staffing issues. Justex Systems has conducted many projects, including preparation of promotion examinations for police agencies, police task analysis and training validation; correctional officer job task analysis and curriculum development; and a comprehensive management study of a major metropolitan law enforcement agency.


As a client-centered firm, Justex Systems begins each project by working with the client in clarifying intended project outcomes and stays in touch throughout the project to assure that the final product meets the client's expectations. Justex Systems strives to be as responsive as possible by involving the client throughout the decision-making process. In this way Justex has been able to meet the needs of public safety agencies across the U.S.


The executive offices of Justex Systems are located north of Houston in Huntsville, Texas. The facilities are located in close proximity to Sam Houston State University, Rice University, the University of Houston, and Texas A&M University. These universities represent fertile sources of consulting expertise in a wide variety of disciplines.

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